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# SWIB20 FAQ [toc] ## Will the conference sessions be recorded? Due to time zone differences, some participants won't be able to follow the live stream. To enable asynchronous participation, we plan to upload recordings of the presentation sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as soon as possible. The recordings will be published to the [SWIB20 YouTube list](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7fMsenbLiQ2tONyYij7lg6B00tvzjEKk). Workshops (on Tuesday) and breakout sessions (Friday) won't be recorded. Also, due to legal reasons Lightning Talkswon't be uploaded before the week after the conference. ## I am new to Mattermost. Where can I learn about the basic features? See the [Mattermost User's Guide](https://docs.mattermost.com/guides/user.html) and don't hesitate to ask other participants and the organizers. ## How can I start a video session from Mattermost? You can start at any time a video conversation with one or more persons in private. Additionally, you can start a video session in a private or public channel. See this [post](https://mattermost.com/blog/bigbluebutton-integration/) and/or the [demo video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg7J9B4wGa4). _Please note to not start video sessions in the "Town Square" or "Off-Topic" channels._ To start a video session within a channel look out for the camera icon, which can be found in the top right corner of every channel: ![Screenshot](https://github.com/swibcon/swib20/raw/main/img/camera-icon-top.right.png) You can also click on any user and start a chat with another click on the camera icon: ![Screenshot](https://github.com/swibcon/swib20/raw/main/img/camera-icon-in-user-view.png) ## How can I look up other participants? In every channel, you can click the button in the top right corner with the number of channel subscribers and then on "View Members": ![Screenshot](https://github.com/swibcon/swib20/raw/main/img/lookup-people-on-mm.png) You can also click the `+` sign at `DIRECT MESSAGES` (left bar) and start typing the beginning of the participant's first or last name, or institution's name, to create a private chat with one or more colleagues: ![Screenshot](https://github.com/swibcon/swib20/raw/main/img/add-dm.png) _Institution lookup has been improved recently. Since Mattermost has no field for institutions, we had to duplicate the information - in last_name for display and in position (prepending your own entry, if any) for indexing. Please feel free to update the information as you like in your Mattermost user profile (Account Settings)._ ## How can I create a channel? https://docs.mattermost.com/help/getting-started/organizing-conversations.html#creating-a-channel ## How can I announce a lightning talk? Lightning talks will take place on Friday [2020-11-27 from 14:00 UTC](https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=SWIB20+Lightning-Talks&iso=20201127T14). If you want to add your lightning talk to the list, post your name & the title of the talk on [SWIB20 Mattermost Town Square](https://swib20.collocall.de/swib20/channels/town-square) using the hashtag **`#lightningtalk`**. As presenter of a lightning talk you will be approached by the SWIB20 organization team to provide your slides before the session. You will also receive guidelines on how to present your talk in a dedicated BigBlueButton room for the live stream. ## How can I propose a breakout session? Breakout sessions will take place on Friday 2020-11-27 after the lightning talks. To propose a breakout session, post your name, the title & a short description of your session to the [SWIB20 Mattermost Town Square](https://swib20.collocall.de/swib20/channels/town-square) using the hashtag **`#breakout`**. You might already create a public mattermost channel and invite people to join in order to prepare the session. ## How can I reduce the data transmitted in a BigBlueButton conference? - Share fewer cameras in the meeting. For example, moderators can only enable camera sharing for certain participants. - Participants can select low resolution when sharing their camera to reduce the amount of data transmitted - When sharing the screen, only select the required window, not the whole screen. Then minimize the split window to the required size instead of maximizing it to the entire screen. - Use the `⫶` icon in the upper right corner to access the "Settings". Under "Data savings" deactivate screen sharing and/or videos of other people. The videos/screens of the other participants will then no longer be transmitted. These settings only affects your own view: ![Screenshot](https://github.com/swibcon/swib20/raw/main/img/disable-webcams-in-bbb.png) ## How can I take part in a BigBlueButton conference despite a poor Internet connection? - Reduce the amount of data transmitted in the conference (see above for details). - Switching off your webcam also reduces the amount of data transmitted. ## I accidently created a public Mattermost channel. How do I get it removed? Please contact `@acka47` or `@jneubert` who have admin privileges and can either make a public channel private or remove the channel altogether.